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Alberta Wildfire launches brand new mobile app

Download the new Alberta Wildfire Status app to stay up-to-date with everything wildfire in Alberta.
Alberta Wildfire launched a brand new application in March for Albertans and those who want to know more about wildfire in the province. The new application has many features, including the ability to search for specific information such as fire bans and advisories across the province. It allows the user to select different map layers that show fire danger ratings or even the location of mountain pine beetles in Alberta.
‘The new app offers so many features and information for the public,’ says Melissa Story, provincial information officer with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.
‘We often get feedback that Albertans want one place to go for all their wildfire inquiries. This app captures all of those things.’
The new intuitive application provides wildfire information in real time, in a one-stop shop format. By using the GPS function, users can instantly know if a fire ban is in place in their area or if there is an active wildfire nearby. They can also get a provincial look at the current wildfire situation with the home view. Users can subscribe to forest area notifications and stay on top of emerging situations in areas of interest.
‘We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience and we encourage people to provide feedback on the app so we can continue to make it valuable for Albertans,’ says Story.
Download the application today for Apple and Android devices.
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