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Bibeau Says Rules Are In Place For Temporary Foreign Workers Arriving In Canada

In the last few weeks we've started to see Temporary Foreign Workers arriving in preparation for work in greenhouses and on the farm.
Federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau says many farmers opted to bring workers in earlier this year, so they could do their 14 day isolation before the date when they want them to start working.
"What we have added in terms of sanitary measures is actually the same as any other travellers. They have to do this pre-boarding test before they leave their country, and show in the negative results obviously. Then when they arrive in the airport in Canada they have to go through a second test. And if they can drive directly, or you know take a private transportation to the farm or to the place where they are supposed to do their 14-day isolation, they can proceed directly. They don't have to stay in a hotel."
The majority of temporary foreign workers in Canada are employed in the Agriculture sector and come from a variety of countries including Mexico, Jamaica and Guatemala.
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