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CAHRC and AGRIcarrières Partner to Launch AgriWorplace Skills Training Program

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) and AGRIcarrières are pleased to announce their partnership to launch the AgriWorplace Skills Training Program Launch funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program (SWSP). 

The AgriWorkplace Skills Training Program, modeled after the apprenticeship programming  delivered by AGRIcarrières in Québec, aims to improve the skills and knowledge of the Canadian agriculture workforce and support the growth of the industry. It makes it possible to develop and recognize skills related to the daily exercise of the agricultural  profession. The training occurs entirely within an organization, with the employer or a skilled employee, known as a journeyman, sharing their expertise with an apprentice. 

“The need for skills development and training supports for agricultural employers has been a recognized need shared by industry. These types of partnerships are essential to the agriculture industry as we work together to build on and expand  successful programs,” said Jennifer Wright, Executive Director of CAHRC. “This collaboration between CAHRC and AGRIcarrières is a significant step forward in the right direction.”

“The relationship between AGRIcarrières and CARHC is well-established. This project highlights our commitment to sharing our most effective skills development practices and to making them accessible to a growing  number of agricultural producers, with flexible learning tools adapted to the reality on  the ground", Geneviève Lemonde, CEO of AGRIcarrières.

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