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Canada To Help Ukraine Farmers

Federal Ag Minister Marie Claude Bibeau said among the seeds that Canada will send to the war-torn country are fast growing buckwheat. It was a request made by Ukraine, along with mobile silos to store grain that will soon be harvested.

Many of the elevators and silos in Ukraine are still plugged with grain that was harvested a year ago, but can't be exported because Russia won't allow it. Other facilities have simply been destroyed. Earlier this month, the commons ag committee heard from several Ukrainian government officials including the country's Ag Minister Mykola Solsky.

Despite the ongoing war that started in late February, many farmers in Ukraine managed to plant a crop this spring despite having many of their fields mined by Russian troops. During his weekend visit to Rwanda, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed Russian president Vladimir Putin for creating a global food crisis.

Despite punishing sanctions imposed shortly after the war started, Russia's economy is proving to be resilient, in part because countries like India are continuing to do trade with Russia and purchasing many commodities at a discount.

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