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Ottawa, ON – Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture and Food announced yesterday their vision to support a ‘Made in Canada’ Food Industry Code of Practice. The news was welcomed by the Canadian fruit and vegetable supply chain representing major growers, shippers, packers, transporters, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters, fresh cut operators, foodservice distributors, operators, and processors that integrate all segments of the fresh produce industry.

The national and provincial produce marketing associations commend the FPT Working Group’s report which confirms the benefits of a Canadian Food Industry Code of Practice that focuses on a transparent, collaborative, and industry-led approach. This guidance aligns perfectly with the submission presented to the Ministers by the Canadian Food Industry Collaborative Alliance.

The Canadian Food Industry Collaborative Alliance identified and built industry principles and key elements that must be embedded in a Canadian Food Industry Code of Practice including:

  • Ensuring transparency and contractual certainty in all commercial transactions.
  • Ensuring best practice reciprocity throughout the supply chain.
  • Promoting fair and ethical dealings in contract negotiations, particularly where there is a significant disparity in negotiating power between the parties.
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of food supply.
  • Supporting small and medium-sized parties to commercial transactions.
  • Providing a fair, effective, and applicable dispute resolution process.

The Canadian produce industry supports the Alliance’s position that, to be effective, the Code of Practice must be mandatory, enforceable, and industry self-regulated. With the Ministers’ support, the produce industry recommends putting in place a collaborative process to establish the Code of Practice and its enforcement framework over the next 18 months.

The fresh produce industry has a longstanding history of collaborative business practices specifically on the buy-sell transaction. The Dispute Resolution Corporation founded in 2000 demonstrates this success.

The Produce Marketing Associations from across Canada look forward to working with the Alliance, other industry stakeholders and FPT Ministers on this initiative to strengthen Canada’s food system in a collaborative, reciprocal and practical manner.

Source : CPMA

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