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Helping our customers reduce their impact on the environment while also making them as efficient and productive as possible is key to our goal of helping the world leap forward.

That's why John Deere has acquired a majority interest in an Austrian company that specializes in renewable battery energy. Kreisel Electric, Inc., develops high-density, high-durability electric battery modules and packs, and has developed a charging infrastructure platform (CHIMERO) that uses the company's patented battery technology.

"John Deere is committed to a future with zero emissions propulsion systems and is investing in and developing technologies for batteries as a sole- or hybrid-propulsion system for vehicles," said Pierre Guyot, Senior Vice President, John Deere Power Systems. "Kreisel specializes in battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, which use chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs, with no secondary source of propulsion."

According to Guyot, demand for battery-powered propulsion systems for our equipment is growing. In the very near future Deere's turf equipment, compact utility tractors, small tractors, compact construction vehicles and some road building equipment could rely solely on batteries as a power source.

"Charging stations will also be key to customer adoption of electrification," Guyot said. "We recognize that our customers will need both stationary and mobile fast-charging solutions."

Teaming with Kreisel in this joint venture allows John Deere to integrate vehicle and powertrain designs around high-density battery packs, maximizing performance while also leveraging Kreisel's charging technology to build the charging infrastructure our customers will need.

"Electrification is a key enabler for automation and autonomy and helps us generate more customer insights to reduce operating costs," Guyot said. "We also know that over the next 3 to 5 years, battery prices are expected to decline and greater availability of battery charging stations will make it increasingly convenient to have battery-electric vehicles. We believe that as battery-electric vehicle costs come down, our customers will increasingly want battery-powered machines."

Source : John Deere

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