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Dairy Farmers of Manitoba holds spring meetings

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba held in-person spring meetings this month.

Chair David Wiens talked about market demand.

"What we saw earlier in the pandemic was fluid milk consumption, the table milk, once that transitioned more into the home, we actually saw a bump in that consumption, which we're now seeing that returning to kind of the former trend which is a slight decline in milk consumption. More and more Canadians are eating their dairy rather than drinking their dairy products."

He notes demand for cheese consumption remains strong.

Wiens also commented on processing capacity.

"Things are fairly stable here in Manitoba in terms of processing. We are certainly talking to a number of players about expanding their operations. This ranges from the larger players to the niche players that are making specialty products. There certainly is interest in continuing to grow the industry and of course Manitoba working very closely with the other three western provinces, we're looking at projects right across the west that will help us grow our industry here in Manitoba as well."

Meetings were held in Winkler and Steinbach.

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