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EPA clears air on Farmers’ equipment Repair Rights

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given a boost to farmers. They've stated that the Clean Air Act (CAA) shouldn't be a barrier for farmers wanting to repair their equipment themselves. 

Some equipment makers and sellers had previously claimed EPA rules and the CAA as reasons to put limits on repairs. Their argument is that independent fixes might interfere with systems controlling pollution. However, NFU's head, Rob Larew, suggests these claims by manufacturers were just excuses to limit independent repairs. 

In a significant move, EPA's Administrator Regan penned a letter to the National Farmers Union (NFU). He mentioned that their concern isn't about who repairs the equipment but about preventing wrongful tampering. He expressed that proper care and mending of equipment is good for our planet. Thus, he supports any rules that let farmers fix their equipment as long as they don’t mess with emission controls. 

The NFU is pushing for a nationwide rule. They want farmers and mechanics to be able to fix farming tools at fair prices. President Larew emphasizes that the freedom to repair is crucial for ensuring fairness in the agricultural sector. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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