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Excess Moisture Insurance Coverage Increasing for 2023 Crop Year

With few producers reporting an abundance of hay this year many will be stretching these supplies out with straw in their daily rations. Straw can make up a large portion of the ration when hay is in shortage as long as it is accompanied with a concentrate such as oats, barley or grain screenings pellets. It is important to plan an adequate ration as straw does have its limitations when used to feed beef cattle.

Straw does not contain adequate levels of energy, protein, minerals or vitamins to winter a cow. Cows cannot eat and digest enough straw to meet their nutritional requirements. Since straw is digested at a slower rate than hay, cows consume less straw than hay on a daily basis. Grinding or processing straw will increase intakes, but without proper and balanced supplementation of energy and protein, problems such as malnutrition, impaction, reduced milk output and lowered conception rates can result.

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Sheep Farming: Ewes Rejecting Lambs!

Video: Sheep Farming: Ewes Rejecting Lambs!

At Ewetopia Farms, we prepared a bunch more ewes and lambs to leave the lambing jugs and head into the group pens. After tagging and marking lambs, one ewe reacted negatively to the process and started to reject her lamb. I had never experienced this before so spent the day trying to get her to accept it again. Join along to see what happens! In the meantime, I moved the show ram lambs back to the Coveralls with the rest of the ram lambs and moved another group of Dorsets over to the Coveralls as well. Thanks for watching!