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Farm unions amplify call to rescue Bill C-234's original integrity

Sask Wheat is joining SaskBarley, SaskCanola, SaskFlax, SaskOats and the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers to call on senators to reject the Agriculture and Forestry Committee’s approved amendment to remove the heating and cooling of barns and greenhouses from Bill C-234, An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

Farmers pay a carbon price on essential farming activities such as irrigation, grain drying, feed preparation, heating or cooling of barns and other agricultural growing structures, Sask Wheat states in a press release.

Bill C-234 would provide an exemption, limited to on-farm fuel use for these necessary farm practises, allowing farmers to invest their money in the efficiency of their operations.

Although grain dryers remain exempt from carbon pricing on natural gas and propane, the recent amendment introduces a troubling double standard within the industry, Sask Wheat asserts. Failure to reject this amendment on the senate floor will lead to substantial delays in passing the legislation, requiring it to be sent back to the House of Commons for additional review.

Bill C-234, as written, recognizes the lack of viable alternatives for grain drying. To safeguard the profitability and sustainability of farmers, as well as to defend our food production and food sovereignty, Sask Wheat is calling on producers to write their senators and urge them to reject the committee’s amendment and uphold the integrity of Bill C-234.

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