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Fendt again the strongest brand
Fendt had reclaimed the number one spot on the DLG Image Barometer this year. "Fendt is still at the forefront in almost every area and stands out clearly from its competitors, especially in the popularity index but also in the image index," says the DLG Press Releases (12/2017) about Fendt's win.
"We are delighted that farmers have again rated us very highly and continue to support us," says Peter-Josef Paffen, Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board, about Fendt's 18th consecutive victory. "As a business we have undergone major changes this year, integrating new product groups into the Fendt brand and introducing new sites and machines. This has naturally got people talking, both in the industry and among customers, which is why it is particularly important for us to maintain our excellent image by applying the same high quality standards to all Fendt machines that farmers and contractors expect from Fendt products."
How it is worked out
The survey for the DLG Image Barometer 2017 was conducted in August and September this year, with questions spanning the following 4 different areas put to more than 700 farmers from the DLG Panel:
brand awareness (recognition), brand loyalty (current and future use of a brand), brand performance (brand preference and satisfaction) and brand image (image, innovation and communication).
All four indices are weighted so that a nominee can achieve a maximum of 25 points for one round and an overall maximum of 100 points.
The typical survey participant manages an average 716 acres. About half of the respondents keep cattle, about one-third rear pigs. Almost a third of the farmers are established agriculturers; more than a quarter have a degree in farming. (Source: DLG Press Releases 12/2017).
Source : Fendt