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Ontario agribusiness expanding into Northumberland County

Ontario agribusiness expanding into Northumberland County

TCO Agromart will open its third location in Cramahe Township

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

An Ontario ag retailer will break ground on its third location in the spring.

TCO Agromart, which already has locations in Napanee and Trenton, will open a  location in Cramahe Township.

The 25-acre location will include an automated fertilizer blending plant, a retail store, office buildings and storage warehouses.

TCO Agromart is pleased that Ontario’s ag industry is allowing for expansion. The company is also happy to do so in an area close to home.

“We look forward to becoming a part of the local business community and municipality,” Larry Hutchinson, president of TCO Agromart, said in a Dec. 14 statement. “Our company has continued to grow in volume. We feel this new location will be an excellent opportunity to better serve our customers and give us the flexibility to push further west for future growth of the business.”

Cramahe Township’s leaders are also happy about the new business investment.

TCO Agromart has been part of Ontario’s ag community for more than 30 years. Bringing another business into the town will help the community’s agricultural sector, said Marc Coombs, mayor of Cramahe.

“We are excited to have TCO Agromart become part of our business community,” he said in the Dec. 14 release. “They are a successful well-regarded company and a major player in the eastern Ontario agricultural market. This development will certainly enhance our agriculture-based focus.”

In 2018, the company will have a highway tractor and hopper bottom trailers for grain and fertilizer trucking, according to a December company newsletter.

The company will also purchase a 2018 John Deere R4038 sprayer for fungicide and herbicide applications on corn. has reached out to TCO Agromart for comment on its expansion.

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