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Finally. Lowboys With High Standards.

Four years ago, contractors and heavy haul truckers told us they needed more reliable trailers that would help them get the job done faster. We listened. With ample customer feedback, Brandt engineers crafted purpose-built trailers with unique innovations to increase productivity and make the workday easier for operators.

“Every decision we make is customer focused. We listen to the needs of our customers to understand what they need to succeed, and then do whatever it takes to fulfill those needs,” says Shaun Semple, CEO, Brandt Group of Companies.

Combining Brandt’s engineering expertise with customer inputs has led to a lineup unlike any other; one that truly addresses the needs of those moving the equipment.

Work Ready™ Brandt Heavy Haul Trailers feature a full range of open-deck models with mechanical, hydraulic, or fixed goosenecks, multiple lengths/widths and capacities, jeeps and boosters, and other custom configurations. This premium trailer lineup is available to customers through a growing network of company-owned and independent dealerships located across North America.

Reliability is key when hauling heavy machinery, and that is why Brandt builds our heavy haul trailers to an unmatched industry standard. Brandt trailers are the most durable in their class, delivering the load factors and features that trailer operators need to succeed every single day.

Brandt heavy haul trailers include smart features that maximize operator protection, such as easier access to common service points. A variety of customization options are available, so dealers can order trailers that perfectly suit their customers’ specifications.

For convenience, Brandt has inventory and pickup points in Hudson, IL, and Minot, ND. These locations provide a place for dealers to pick up trailers or have them shipped to any corner of the USA.

And to keep customers up and running when the competition can’t, Brandt is the only manufacturer with true 24/7/365 customer support. Whether dealers need product support, to submit a warranty claim, sales support, or even order parts, Brandt’s Customer Support Centre has experts ready and waiting to assist with inquiries.

A standout with Brandt heavy haul models is our 1-year full trailer warranty, 2nd year parts only extended warranty and 5-year structural extended warranty. Not only does this deliver massive value to owners, who can trust that Brandt will stand behind our trailers, this provision is unmatched in the heavy haul industry.

Another exclusive perk of working with Brandt is our in-house financing programs. Brandt Finance delivers easy-to-use financing solutions with quick approvals.

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