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Gene Editing Boosts Soybean Yield and Protein Content

Chinese scientists used gene editing to produce a soybean variety with increased yield and protein content. Their research may increase domestic soybean production and help with global food security.

Soybeans capture nitrogen from the air for growth and protein production. However, soybean supernodulation mutants display stunting and have reduced yields due to overconsumption of carbon.

To address this issue, researchers from various institutions in China utilized gene editing to develop soybeans with enhanced nodulation ability.

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Grain Market Outlook Price Prospects for 2024

Video: Grain Market Outlook Price Prospects for 2024

Joe Janzen and Scott Irwin of the University of Illinois provided an in-depth analysis of the grain market outlook for 2024, including price forecasts, global supply and demand trends, and marketing implications for corn and soybean producers.

Key topics covered:

Review of 2023/24 USDA February WASDE report results Old and new crop corn and soybean balance sheet forecasts Export sales pace comparisons to previous years South American soybean production estimates Impact of input costs and interest rates on marketing Benchmarking farm-level marketing performance As grain prices face downward pressure in 2024, the presenters emphasized the importance of having an active marketing plan in place, rather than a 'store and ignore' approach. They provided insight into strategies for forward contracting, making new crop sales, and capturing opportunities in a volatile market environment.

Overall, an excellent webinar reviewing the latest market analysis and offering actionable strategies for crop producers facing a more challenging economic climate this year.