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When we hear stories of farms from previous generations, mixed operations are often the tradition, where people grew crops and had some cattle and other livestock as well. With economies of scale and farm size increasing, farms have generally become more specialized. However, recent rises in input costs and climate crises such as drought have many producers rethinking integrated farming operations.  

This may mean owning both cattle and cropland, but it could also mean working with neighbours. In some situations, beef producers have been working with their cropping neighbours to develop mutually beneficial deals where both parties can benefit from having cattle on cropland.  

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A Closer Look at Swine Feed: Mash versus Pellet - Dr. Ashley DeDecker

Video: A Closer Look at Swine Feed: Mash versus Pellet - Dr. Ashley DeDecker

Decisions in swine nutrition and production often result from a multifaceted approach, considering many factors that go beyond the apparent biological implications. The studies led by Dr. Ashley DeDecker and her team continue to spark insightful discussions in swine nutrition and production. Dr. DeDecker is studying the comparison between mash and pellet feed for sow diets, specifically at micron size. This research aims to find the best grinding size to improve swine nutrition and production in the industry.