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Syngenta introduces Vibrance Total seed treatment

Syngenta introduces Vibrance Total seed treatment

The product will be available to pulse producers for the 2024 season

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Pulse producers in Western Canada will have a new crop protection product available to them for the 2024 growing season.

Syngenta has introduced Vibrance Total, a fungicide seed treatment with five modes of action.

One of the active ingredients is new to the pulse market.

It’s called picarbutrazox (PCBX).

This ingredient helps give lentil, pea and chickpea growers protection against 13 different pythium species found in soils across the Prairies.

And Vibrance Total is the only pulse seed treatment on the market to have this ingredient, said Shad Milligan, seedcare technical lead for Western Canada with Syngenta Canada.

“That sets us apart from some other products,” he told “With Vibrance Total, you have a broad range of compounds working together to protect the plant against disease and allow the plant to use its energy to get out of the ground. Over the course of some trialing over 2023, we’re seeing better stand establishment.”

Syngenta also uses PCBX in its Vayantis seed treatment for soybeans.

The other active ingredients in Vibrance Total are Thiabendazole, Sedaxane, Metalaxyl-M and S-isomer, and Fludioxonil.

Multiple seed treatment products contain metalaxyl. But Syngenta research showed some pythium resistance to the ingredient.

“We survey diseases in the soil using bait tubes, and we’ve seen some species not being controlled by metalaxyl, but the PCBX helping to control those species,” Milligan said.

The seed treatment also protects pulse crops from Ascochyta, fusarium and rhizoctonia.

In addition to the new active ingredient, the product comes with a new blue polymeric colourant.

This is an added benefit to producers, Milligan said.

“It’s a lot easier to clean off the formulation, whether you’re a commercial treater or a grower,” he said.

Vibrance Total will be available for the 2024 growing season.

Farmers can purchase it in 2 x 10 L cases, 115 L drums or 450 L totes.

It’s application rate is 325mL/100 kg of seed.

Interested farmers are encouraged to contact their local Syngenta reps for more information on this product.

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