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How John Deere Commandquad Makes Gear Shifting A Breeze

How John Deere Commandquad Makes Gear Shifting A Breeze
The John Deere CommandQuad™ transmission for John Deere 6M tractors now helps operators boost their efficiency and reduce their fatigue while out in the field. With easy-to-use buttons and a soft lever, gear shifts are a breeze with CommandQuad.
Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of John Deere CommandQuad and how it assists operators on the job.
  • Operators can change gears and ranges on the go with the press of a button from within the cab, no machine-clutching necessary.
  • AutoClutch allows operators to brake quickly and easily without having to use the clutch.
  • AutoMode gives operators the opportunity to change the speed of the tractor from within the cab by utilizing a thumb wheel. From here, the tractor manages the transmission accordingly.
  • The buttons and levers of the CommandQuad are closely located to each other, reducing operator fatigue and increasing efficiency throughout the workday.
  • The location of the parking brake, the throttle, and the transmission controls are consistent with other John Deere tractors for familiarity and convenience.
  • The standard A, B, and C ranges are ideal for heavy draft applications.
  • The B through E button allows for seamless gear gifts and automatic range shifts without the use of a clutch or de-clutch button. This is ideal for when bales need to be raked or tended to out in the field.
  • Gear shifts can be executed using a single lever, which operates similarly to a PowerShift transmission. The transmission can be upshifted by pressing forward, and downshifted by pulling back the lever.
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