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John Deere 1770NT CCS planter sells at auction after more than 200 bids

John Deere 1770NT CCS planter sells at auction after more than 200 bids

The planter features Precision Planting’s vDrive Auction Report
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A John Deere planter from Nebraska was the top selling item during a Feb. 28 BigIron auction.

The 2010 John Deere 1770NT CCS planter from Brock, Neb., sold for US$165,250 (CAD$212,054) to a buyer from Colorado after 220 bids.

Specs: 24 Row, 30" Spacing, Semi Mount Front Fold, 2 Pt, Central Seed Hoppers, Precision V Drive, Precision V Set Meter, Precision Delta Force Hydraulic Down Pressure, Tru-Vee™ Double Disk With 15” Blade Openers, Yetter Drag Chains, 600 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tank With Richway Shut Off's On Each Individual Row, "Totally Tubular" Fertilizer Placement Tubes, (12) 100 Lb Suitcase Weights, Customized Weight Distribution Hydraulic Cylinders Installed, Standard JD Folding Box "Monitor" Included, Equipped With Soybean Discs, Phased Hydraulic Cylinder Lift System (8 Cylinders), Tires: Galaxy 11-22.5 NHS 12 Ply.


A 2012 Massey Ferguson 8690 MFWD tractor from Ada, Minn., sold for US$112,250 (CAD$144,082) to a buyer from Montana after 227 bids.

Specs: 1,626 hours, 370 hp, AGCO Power 84 CTA 8.4L(512.6 Cu.In.) Turbo-Charged Intercooled In-Line 6-Cyl Liquid-Cooled SisuDiesel, 110v Engine Block Heater; Terra 4-I; SCR Emission Control; Dual Dry Element Air Cleaner; 167 Gal. Diesel Fuel Tank; Dyna-VT-CVT Infinite 2-Range Transmission; 122.2" Wheelbase; Rear: Steel Rims W/Cast Centers/Outside Duals-Steel Rims, Michelin Agri-Bib D480/80R50 W/ 4-529# Rear Wheel Weights & Spacers; Front: Steel Rims W/Michelin Agri-Bib FD420/80R34 Tires W/ 15.5" Spacer Pkg, Front Duals Included as Pictured, Electro-Hydraulic Differential Lock; Pivoting Front Fenders; Hydrostatic Power Steering; Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes; 5 Remote Hydraulic Valves; 24-120# Front Weights W/Weight Bracket, Xenon Light Package; Semi-Active Suspended Cab; Front-Axle Suspension; Rear PTO 1000E/1000; GPS Ready; C1000 Datatronic Color Console; Tele-Scoping Mirrors W/Electric De-Icing; Front Sunscreen; 3-Pt Hitch; Category 3 HD Drawbar & Clevis, AM/FM Radio; Windshield Wipers Front & Back.

A 2011 John Deere 8235R MFWD tractor from Plainview, Neb., sold for US$97,250 (CAD$124,819) to a buyer from the same state after 245 bids.

Specs: 3,192 hours, Diesel, Power Shift Transmission, 16 Speed, Differential Lock, Large 1000 PTO, Heater, AC, Radio, 380/80/38 Front Tires, 480/80/50 Rear Tires, Duals, 3 Point Hitch, Block Heater, Xexon Lighting, 4 Auxiliary Hydraulics, 22 Weights, Fenders, Painted Exhaust, 8 Cylinders, Cast Wheels, Axle Mount Duals, Inside Wheel Weights.

A 2012 Massey Ferguson 8650 MFWD tractor from Brownfield, TX., sold for $US85,000 ($CAD109,103) to a buyer from the same state after 134 bids.

Specs: 1,763 hours, 240 hp, 8.4L 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Dyna CVT Infinite Forward And Reverse Transmission, 380/85R34 Front Tire, 480/80R45 Dual Rear Tires, Front Fenders, 3 Pt Hitch, w/ Quick Hitch, 1000 Independent Rear Pto, Electro-Hydraulic Clutch, 4 Hyd. Remote Valves, Right & Left Rear Fender 3 pt. & Hyd. Remote Control,2 4 Front Tractor Weights, Semi-Active Suspension Cab w/ Auto Htr. A/C Control, Radio, Datatronic + Video, Isobus W/ Topcon System, Fieldstar Provision + Terminal & Com-Unit, EEM Engine w/ Dual Speed control, Telescopic Side Mirrors w/ Elc. De-Icing, & Adjustment, Buddy Seat.

A 2012 Challenger MT645D MFWD tractor from Shakopee, Minn., sold for US$77,350 (CAD$99,304) to a buyer from North Dakota after 145 bids.

Specs: 904 hours, CVT Transmission, 5 Hyd. Remote Valves W/ Power Beyond, Right & Left Rear Fender 3 Pt. & Hyd. Remote Control, HD 3 Pt. W/ Quick Hitch, 540E/1000 PTO – 6,20& 21, Cab W/ Htr. & A/C, Auto Climate Control, Radio, Buddy Seat, Display & PGS Ready, No Top Doc Receiver, Telescopic Mirrors W/ Elec. De-Icing, Engine Block Heater, Hyd. Trailer Brakes, 380/90R54 Front Tires, 380/80R38 Dual Rear Tires, 2 – 250KG Rear Wheel Wts, Front Fenders, Front Wt. Bracket Only.

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