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Industry in peril: Manitoba bee farmers suffer big losses due to bad weather

Manitoba’s farmers have had it rough, first dealing with drought conditions through most of 2021, then followed by more extreme weather this year.

It’s been tough for producers of all kinds, and the 2022 season isn’t starting off so hot for bee farmers. either.

Ray Giguere of Giguere Honey Farms told 680 CJOB he’s anticipating losing up to 60 per cent of his bees if weather conditions don’t improve soon, as the bees need time to build up in the spring after being at their weakest point.

“At first peak in early April, I was looking at around 40 per cent (losses), and if things didn’t warm up I figured I would probably hit around 60, which looks like that’s going to happen.

“Seventy to 80 per cent (is what) I’ve been hearing in some worst-case scenarios.

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