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John Deere Introduces Operations Center PRO for Ag Retailers

John Deere released Operations Center PRO, an all-new level of the John Deere Operations Center™ built specifically for ag service providers requiring specialized fleet and logistics management capabilities beyond what is currently provided with Operations Center.

Operations Center PRO Dispatch, the first specialized tool within Operations Center PRO, integrates features from AgLogic™, John Deere’s previous dispatching solution, into the Operations Center suite of fleet and data management tools. Operators receive and manage work orders from the PRO dispatch system on a mobile app that works for all equipment brands, providing a complete fleet solution for ag retailers.

New to Operations Center PRO Dispatch, is the ability to also send work orders directly to Generation 4 displays paired with JDLink™ modems, without operator input. “This automatic flow of data reduces operator setup time and data entry mistakes,” said Ryan Stien, marketing manager for John Deere.

“Operations Center PRO helps ag retailers efficiently manage equipment fleets and agronomic data on the same platform many of their farmer-customers currently use,” said Stien. “This allows retailers to more effectively serve their customers while still giving farmers control of their data through secure permissions management.”

The core John Deere Operations Center will remain free of charge to farmers and ranchers.

Operations Center PRO Dispatch integrates with most leading retailer back-office systems providing a seamless flow of work orders and prescriptions between the equipment and the back-office system for billing. Fleet managers can also view equipment and tender location and status in real time, analyze machine productivity, and easily manage agronomic data for customers.

Source : Farm Equipment

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