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Manitoba Crop Report

Heavy rains the previous week again slowed seeding efforts, leaving fields damp to saturated, with heavier rainfall amounts concentrated in Western Manitoba, between 30 and 70 mm at most locations.

Multiple highway closures are ongoing, impacting movement of agricultural commodities and inputs. Notable new impacts to the Parkland region, as well as continuing struggles with field access across Manitoba.

Provincial seeding progress sits at about 4% completion, behind the 5-year average of 50% for Week 19. Pockets of the Central and Southwest regions are further ahead, while other parts of the Interlake and Northwest region, and the Red River Valley nearest the river remain underwater.

Farmers are extremely concerned about seeding delays, leading some farmers to switch planned corn or soybean acres into canola and spring wheat, while planned field pea acres may see a decline as well.

Weather forecasts remained unfavourable. Farmers are coping using whatever strategy they can to dry soil, and pick-and-choose the driest fields to plant on.

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