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Manitoba Pork Dealing With PED Outbreak

Manitoba's pork industry is once again dealing with an outbreak of the Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus.

Cam Dahl is general manager with Manitoba Pork.

He made the following comments on Monday.

"On October 25th, we did have our first case identified. Since that time, we have had more cases come in. We're now up to seven confirmed cases of PED. I do expect that number to go up a little bit. The cases aren't just confined to one geographic cluster and they're not just confined to one ownership group or one or two ownership groups. They're spread out geographically and they're spread out through the industry. We are considering this an outbreak."

Dahl says the majority of the cases are not related.

He is encouraging producers to review their biosecurity protocols and to make them as strong as possible.

"We really do encourage producers in all parts of the province to sit down with their employees and go over their biosecurity protocols. The way we contain this and prevent spread is through strong biosecurity measures."

Dahl adds PED usually flares up in 2-year cycles, noting there were over 80 cases in 2019.

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