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Nebraska Dry Edible Bean Production Up 38% From 2013

Dry edible bean production in Nebraska is forecast at 3.8 million hundredweight (cwt) for 2014, up 38% from last year, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Total planted area, at 165,000 acres, is up 35,000 acres from 2013. Harvested area, at 152,000 acres, is up 35,000 acres from last year. Planted and harvested acres are up 27 and 30%, respectively, from last year. The statewide yield for 2014 is set at 2,500 pounds per harvested acre, 150 pounds higher than last year.

Great northern beans account for 47.6% of the total production; at 1.81 million cwt, they are up from 1.24 million cwt in 2013. Pinto beans account for 40.9% of total production, while light red kidney beans were 8.6%, black beans 2.0%, and navy beans 0.3%. All other bean classes represent 0.6% of the state's total production.\

According to the national USDA Crop Production Report Nebraska ranks third in dry edible bean area planted, area harvested, and overall production. It ranks first in the nation in great northern bean production.

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