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New Insecticide Available to Protect Pulse Crops Against Aphids

The new Carbine insecticide, which protects pulse crops against aphids, is now available in Western Canada, a Dec. 13 news release from FMC Canada said.

Carbine has the active ingredient, flonicamid, which targets the aphid’s mouthparts by disrupting the potassium channels in the pests’ nervous system, making them unable to feed. The release noted this selective activity results in fast control while having minimal impact on many important beneficial insects and pollinators* when applied as directed by the label.

“Carbine insecticide provides effective control of a significant problem in pulse and alfalfa crops. This will be a welcome new tool available to Western Canada growers for the 2023 crop season,” Frances Boddy, insecticide product manager at FMC Canada, said in the release.

It provides residual control and helps protect both sides of the leaf due to its translaminar activity, the release said. Carbine also controls both immature and adult insect stages.

“Aphids literally suck the yield right out of plants and can cause significant damage,” Boddy said. “This is a highly effective, targeted solution that stops feeding activity within 30 minutes of application.”

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