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Nominate an Engaged Rural Youth from your community 

GUELPH, ON, Nov. 28, 2016 – The Rural Ontario Institute is pleased to announce an open call for  nominations for the second Youth Engagement Showcase. 
Starting today, November 28th, 2016, you have the opportunity to nominate an Engaged Rural Youth  from your community to be showcased through this initiative.  
The Youth Engagement Showcase will profile compelling stories of youth engagement; highlight the  impact youth can have in their local communities; and demonstrate how communities of all shapes and  sizes are successfully engaging and supporting youth in addressing local challenges. While this initiative  is seeking nominations of individual youth, it is also important to document and highlight programs or  organizations that have successfully promoted/enabled youth engagement. 
As nominations are gathered from communities across Ontario, a selection committee will identify  compelling stories to be profiled on the Rural Ontario Institute website, with a photo and description  that showcases the youth’s accomplishments and the community of support around them. Early bird  entrants, those who are nominated before January 13, will be considered for one of three invitations to  speak as part of a panel at ROMA Speaks, ROMA’s annual conference, to share their story. Four of the  nominees who meet the criteria and are profiled on the ROI website will be randomly selected for a  $250 prize that will be donated to an organization of the nominee’s choosing. 
Nominees should be under the age of 29 and residing in or actively involved in a rural community.  To nominate an Engaged Rural Youth from your community and to read more please visit:  
Source : The Rural Ontario Institut