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North Carolina’s Leaders Reiterate Support For Preserving & Modernizing NAFTA

North Carolina’s Food & Agriculture Sectors Support Over 1.2 Million Jobs & Export $553 Million To NAFTA Partners: 
Dependent On NAFTA, The Food And Agriculture Sectors Support More Than 1.2 Million North Carolina Jobs. (Americans For Farmers & Families, “New Coalition Advocating For North American Free Trade Agreement Modernization Launches Campaign In North Carolina,” Press Release, 1/29/18) 
  • North Carolina’s Top NAFTA Exports Are Pork, Cotton, Peanuts And Tobacco. (“North Carolina,” Americans For Farmers & Families, Accessed 1/31/18)
  • $553 Million, Or 21 Percent, Of North Carolina’s Total $2.7 Billion Food And Agricultural Exports In 2016 Went To NAFTA Partners. (“North Carolina,” Americans For Farmers & Families, Accessed 1/31/18)
NAFTA Withdrawal Could Cost The State Of North Carolina Nearly 110,000 Jobs. (“Terminating NAFTA: The National And State-By-State Impacts On Jobs, Exports And Output,” Business Roundtable, January 2018) 
North Carolina’s Leaders & Agriculture Groups Have Reiterated NAFTA’s Importance To The State & The Need To Modernize The Agreement: 
U.S. Representative And House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows: “We’re Very Optimistic That The Discussions That Are Going On Now With The Prime Minister And Other Stakeholders Will Produce Not Only A Good Deal But A Deal That Essentially Makes Sure That American Job Creators Are Not At A Disadvantage. So I’m Optimistic That We’ll See Some Modifications And Instead Of A Full Scrapping Of The NAFTA Deal That Will Be Really, Something That Can Be Applauded By All Countries.” (“Rep. Mark Meadows: 'Very Optimistic' About NAFTA Talks,” Fox News, 10/11/17) 
North Carolina Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten: “We Are Particularly Dependent In North Carolina On Our Trade With Our Neighbors In Canada And Mexico.” (Drew C. Wilson, “Exports Vital To Wilson Farmers: Farm Bureau President Says Free Trade Is Key to Ag Economy,” The Wilson Times, 2/7/18)