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PigTrace tag prices go up Dec. 15

One of the prices producers pay for hog traceability will be going up 10 per cent.

The Manitoba Pork Council said in a notice to producers Wednesday that the Canadian Pork Council will apply a 10 per cent increase to the prices of PigTrace ear tags and accessories, effective Dec. 15.

Table: PigTrace ear tag price list effective Dec. 15, 2023, including shipping; taxes extra.

pig table
As for accessories available from the program, the universal tag applicator will be priced at $30.04; the Retract-o-matic tag applicator, $80.99; a replacement tag pin, $3.50; and a permanent marker, $5.78.

Current pricing will be valid for orders placed and paid by Dec. 14 at 11:59 p.m. ET, the pork council said Wednesday.

The Manitoba council said the CPC “has incurred increased costs for the manufacture and distribution” of the ear tags throughout 2023. “These costs have unfortunately become unsustainable and must be passed on to customers.”

Hog producers can order tags online via their PigTrace accounts, by phone at 1-866-300-1825, by email or by contacting provincial pork offices in their area.

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