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Premier Weighs In On Potential Strikes At Both CN And CPKC

Close to 10 thousand workers with CN and CPKC were planning to hit the bricks next Wednesday if the companies didn't deal with their concerns. The number one issue, according to the Teamsters is an adequate amount of rest time between shifts. It's possible, a strike won't happen next Wednesday. That's because the federal labour minster asked the Canada Industrial relations board to study the impact of a strike and whether it could lead to safety concerns. Until the board makes a ruling, a strike can't happen. There's no timeline for the board to issue a decision, it could tomorrow,.it could happen next month. The Teamsters says it will abide by that.

This week, Premier Danielle Smith said while she appreciated the federal government intervened by asking for this report, she says the government must ensure there is a lasting solution to this dispute.

Andre Harpe with the Grain Growers made it clear, the impact of a strike by both railways at the same time right in the middle of seeding, would be devastating. "I don't think it matters what product we want. As farmers, we're particularly interested in getting fertilizer delivered. We really encourage both parties to negotiate in good faith to keep the rails going. It's essential for us. If it carries on too much farther, we have grains that need to be shipped, we have contracts that have to be fulfilled, and it's not good for Canada if it goes on too long. We have buyers from across the world that are expecting to get our product."

Labour minister Shamus O'Regan has made it clear, he wants both sides to reach a negotiated settlement.

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