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Purdue Extension Corn,Soybean Guide Now Offered As iPad App

Purdue Extension's popular Corn and Soybean Field Guide is now available in an interactive iPad app format.

The app, available through The Education Store (, is based on the publication's print version but includes new multimedia elements.

"This adds depth because the app includes video clips of scouting techniques and high-quality images of plant pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies that make it easier for a farmer to diagnose a problem in the field," said Bob Nielsen, Purdue Extension corn specialist and contributor to the guide.

The app was developed by 3iD, located in the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette. The Purdue Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center ( provided all of the research-based content.

DTC Director Corey Gerber said he and the rest of center's team wanted to be leaders in developing digital tools, not followers.

"We developed the app to help farmers and crop professionals," he said. "The printed edition of the guide is and will continue to be a great resource, but consultants and growers are increasingly plugged in to the latest technology. We wanted to create an app that would continue to be essential and useful to those who carry their mobile devices into the field."

The guide's corn and soybean management sections provide information about planting, growth and development, nutrient recommendations and nutrient deficiencies. They also include scouting information and management recommendations for insects, diseases, nematodes and vertebrate pests.

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