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Put Your Pigs in Charge of Manure Management

Manure management isn't a glorious job, but it's a job that must be done. What if we said your pigs could help with manure management? Wouldn't it be nice if they could create less manure, help you clean pens or even take a task off your to-do list?
It's possible with Purina EcoCare feeds, the only feed-through additive designed to reduce manure odors, make manure easier to handle and reduce manure volume while supporting grow-finish pig performance.
"EcoCare feeds help manage manure without the additional step of mixing a pit additive," says Emily Otto-Tice, Ph.D., senior nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition. "All you need to do is feed your pigs EcoCare, and they'll do the rest."
Research-proven manure management
Purina and its university partners have researched the benefits of EcoCare feeds for more than 10 years. Studies showed:
• A 40% reduction in ammonia emissions
• 28% less nitrogen excreted in manure and an optimal ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus for use as fertilizer
• 26% less manure produced when pigs were fed EcoCare feeds in combination with DDGS2
• 33% less time needed to dissolve manure 
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