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Raising the bar - Excellence in US grain exports

It's corn harvest time across some states and right at the center of this excitement stands the US Grains Council (USGC), acting as the beacon for quality and export insights. 

It's no secret: international buyers look to US agriculture for its top-drawer quality. And everyone, from those planting seeds to the ones shipping the grains, plays their part in maintaining this standard. When harvest season rolls around, the fruits of a farmer's year-long labor become evident. Cary Sifferath, the USGC Vice President, reminds us of this, emphasizing the paramount significance of crop quality during this period. 

However, ensuring pristine corn, barley, or sorghum is challenging. Countless factors can compromise their quality. Keen-eyed global buyers don't miss a thing, from damaged grains to accidental foreign materials that might sneak in during harvest or shipping. This is why even the slightest blunder can tarnish the US's esteemed reputation. 

Enter USGC, our quality watchdog. They've set systems in place, releasing annual reports on Corn and Sorghum Harvest Quality after the harvest, and Corn Export Cargo Quality as corn sets sail for global shores. 

These updates are more than just information. They're assurance. They allow international buyers to anticipate the grain quality every season and as the President aptly puts it, this clear-cut communication fortifies our relationships with global partners, creating bonds built on trust. The goal is to assure our global clientele and have them come back for more US products. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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