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Saskatchewan's Ag Sector Ready For Growth!

The start of a new year has many people re-vitalized and re-focused.
Agriculture Minister David Marit is excited about moving forward in the Ag sector.
The Province unveiled its new growth strategy a few months ago, Marit says, there’s a lot of opportunity for growth in the Ag sector.
“We want to see exports hitting 45 million metric tons over the next 10 years, livestock sales approaching $3 billion or exceeding $3 billion. We’re well over our $2 billion target that we had for 2020.”
Marit says they’ll be working on finding new opportunities for industries and businesses both private and foreign to come in and set up for value-added processing to do business.
The NDP Agriculture Critic says he wants to see the Provincial Government going to bat for farmers on the Federal Scene.
Yens Pedersen says that includes items like the Business Rick Management Programs and Agri-Stability.
“I don’t think you could find a Province out there that is more dependent on agriculture than Saskatchewan. So, we need to be the province, leading that file. And really, really taking a tough stand that Agri-Stability is not working the way it is. Those reference margins need to be put back to 85%.
He notes the whole Carbon tax issue should also be reviewed, adding they want to see the Carbon Tax on grain drying bills rebated for farmers.
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