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Sclerotinia Starting To Show Up In Canola

There's quite a bit of variability in Manitoba's canola crop this year.
Angela Brackenreed is an agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada.
"It really varies across the province, some of the later seeded crops are in full bloom right now where I would say the majority of the crop is coming to the tail end of flowering or fully out of flower at this point."
She notes most of the crop has recovered from early season insect and frost issues.
There is one disease concern that farmers have been dealing with.
"We kind of had late arrival of sclerotinia pressure this year and so I suspect that we will be seeing some sclerotinia," said Brackenreed. "Starting to see the early progression of the disease in some fields. I don't suspect it's going to be anything major, just based on conditions that we've had."
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