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Highlighting Canadian eggs at McDonald’s

Highlighting Canadian eggs at McDonald’s

The Egg Quality Assurance mark will appear in the ads for the Egg BLT McMuffin

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Customers of Canadian McDonald’s locations will now know the source of the eggs in a new breakfast sandwich.

Today, Egg Farmers of Canada and McDonald’s Canada announced a new partnership that will see the ag organization’s Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) certification mark on McDonald’s ads this summer for the restaurant’s limited-time Egg BLT McMuffin sandwich.

McDonald’s will display the EQA mark, which features an egg with a black outline, checkmark and red maple leaf, on is television, print and digital channels from July 30 to the beginning of September.

“We really appreciate the opportunity to showcase our quality assurance program,” Roger Peliserro, chair of Egg Farmers of Canada, told “This really is great news for Canadian egg farmers when you consider how many customers McDonald’s serves.”

Branding Canadian products is important to consumers.

Dairy Farmers of Canada’s blue cow logo tells consumers the milk, butter or cheese in a product came from a Canadian dairy farm and followed proper protocols.

Egg Farmers of Canada wants its EQA mark to serve as a similar visual cue, Pelissero said.

“The mark shows consumers that every egg in Canada, no matter what kind of housing it’s produced in, meets the highest quality standards and that they can trust the food,” he said. “This is our mark and we’re proud to have it displayed.”

McDonald’s spends about $1 billion on food each year for its Canadian operations and purchases most of its products from Canadian producers.

Sourcing its ingredients from reputable farms is important for customers and farmers, said Rob Dick, supply chain officer with McDonald’s Canada.

"We are committed to industry-leading certification and working with other leaders is at the core of our sourcing strategy,” he said in a statement today. “Our goal is to benefit Canadian consumers and food producers, and working with the Egg Farmers of Canada accomplishes exactly that."

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