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Skyview Equipment Consolidates Dealerships Under 1 Name

St. Joseph Ford Tractor began its journey in 1974 under the visionary leadership of Dean and Karen Habrock. With a deep commitment to providing quality equipment and unparalleled customer care, the Habrocks laid the foundation for what would become a cornerstone in the agricultural community.
 In 2000, a new chapter unfolded with the establishment of Skyview Equipment in Hiawatha, Kan. This strategic expansion enabled St. Joseph Ford Tractor to better serve the needs of customers across Northeast Kansas and Southeast Nebraska, further solidifying their reputation as trusted partners in farming and beyond.
 Through a shared vision and unwavering dedication, a partnership blossomed between the Habrocks and the Whitsons, culminating in Jarrod and his wife Jennifer assuming majority ownership. Building on the rich legacy laid down by the Habrocks over 5 decades, the Whitsons embarked on a mission to continue and expand upon the legacy.

In 2023, their commitment to innovation and progress led to the creation of Skyview Equipment Distribution, headquartered in Hiawatha. This new venture proudly served as the exclusive distribution provider for Mainero products throughout the U.S., further enhancing Skyview Equipment's reach and impact.

2024 marked a significant milestone as all three entities united under a single banner – Skyview Equipment. This consolidation not only streamlined operations but also ushered in a fresh era of branding and marketing coherence. With a name that honors the heritage of St. Joseph Tractor while embracing future opportunities, Skyview Equipment stands poised to continue its legacy of excellence for generations to come.

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