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Soy Canada holds Indopacific trade mission

During the trip 26 Canadian representatives met with more than 220 current and potential customers in Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Brian Innes, Executive Director with Soy Canada says there’s nothing like being face-to-face to share and understand how we deliver value for our customers.

"The enthusiasm we saw this year shows the value of our market development investment and how we can grow the value of our industry in the future."

Participants Soy Canada heard firsthand the quality specifications customers are looking for when purchasing soybeans.

Nicole Mackellar, market development manager with Soy Canada says in Japan, Canada’s highest premium market for Identity Preserved (IP) non-GMO soybeans, participants heard about their preference to use Canadian soybeans due to their high quality and protein levels.

She noted that the quality characteristics Japanese tofu makers are looking for are quite different than feed users in Vietnam. 

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