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Think Safety First When Dealing With Animals

Farmers and ranchers are working long hours as calving season continues.
Glen Blahey with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association says more animal related injuries are seen this time of year.
"We always have to make provisions to ensure that we take the best kind of control strategies there are to manage the unpredictability of that animal. We don't want to startle them, we don't want to upset them, and the more upset we get, the more upset the animal gets and that does not escalate into a good situation."
Blahey says having a communication plan is a key part of calving safety.
"At calving time, an individual ends up going out to check on the cows and provide assistance. You need a communication plan to make sure that if there is a problem, someone knows where you are, and someone knows when you should be back, and is able to check on you."
Source : Steinbachonline