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Transforming agriculture with green fertilizer Innovation

Iowa State University and Wichita State University are leading in a new era of sustainable agriculture. With a generous $4 million backing from the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR program, the duo is embarking on an ambitious journey to mitigate greenhouse emissions through a green fertilizer system. 

The plan is to leverage waste nitrogen and carbon dioxide to produce a novel fertilizer—green urea. More impressively, this entire process aims to utilize the renewable wind and solar energies abundant in Iowa and Kansas. 

Leading the charge in Iowa is Wenzhen Li and his team, which is hard at work designing processes and materials, as well as spreading knowledge about this new-age fertilizer. Meanwhile, in Kansas, Shuang Gu and his ensemble focus on various aspects of the project, from nitrate capture and urea separation to understanding the societal ramifications of green fertilizers. 

The goal isn't just about creating eco-friendly fertilizers, it's about a comprehensive approach. The teams envision a complete system that encompasses state-of-the-art technology to extract waste elements, methods to craft green urea, and advanced tools to monitor nitrogen utilization. 

For Gu and Li, the motivation is evident in tackling the urgent matter of nitrous oxide emissions. They believe this initiative can positively impact Midwest agriculture and address wider climate issues. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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