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USDA's food assistance bolstering Hawaii after wildfires

Hawaii's wildfires have left many families in distress, but there's hope. The USDA has introduced the D-SNAP program for Hawaiians hit hardest, ensuring they don't go hungry during these tough times. 

An estimated 16,000 households that wouldn't typically qualify for the regular SNAP might be eligible for D-SNAP, thanks to certain eligibility criteria. Their mission - The president prioritizes that every affected individual gets the food assistance they need, emphasizing that for many, the challenges are just starting. 

If you're wondering who can apply, households should be from the affected areas and meet D-SNAP's specific criteria. Those who qualify can look forward to a month of benefits that match the maximum monthly SNAP amount, allowing them to shop at approved stores. 

Hawaii's D-SNAP has a phased approach: 

  • For residents of Maui Island, application dates are September 18-23, 2023. 

  • For those in Honolulu, Kauai, Hawaii County, and other parts of Maui County, it's September 18-22, 2023. 

Keep in mind, D-SNAP springs into action when people can start buying and cooking food at home again. And while those already on SNAP won't qualify for D-SNAP, there are additional benefits earmarked for some zip codes in Hawaii. 

This is just the beginning. The USDA has rolled out a plethora of initiatives to help Hawaiians navigate the post-wildfire period, from permitting SNAP members to buy hot foods to ensuring benefits lost due to power outages are replaced. 

Several USDA branches are collaborating with other federal agencies to accelerate Hawaii's recovery, be it by analyzing fire-affected lands or securing shelter for those without homes. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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