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CALGARY, AB  - Western Energy Services Corp. (the "Company" or "Western") (TSX: WRG) announces that the Company's issued and outstanding common shares (the "Common Shares") have been consolidated at a ratio of one (1) post-consolidation Common Share for every one hundred twenty (120) pre-consolidation Common Shares (the "Consolidation"). The Common Shares will begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") on a consolidated basis on August 4, 2022 and will continue to trade on the TSX under the trading symbol "WRG". New CUSIP and ISIN numbers have been assigned to the Common Shares following the Consolidation.

The Company's shareholders approved a special resolution at the Company's annual and special meeting of shareholders held on June 29, 2022. The resolution authorized Western to effect the Consolidation at a ratio, to be determined by Western's directors, of between 75 and 120 pre–Consolidation Common Shares to one post–Consolidation Common Share.

The Consolidation reduced the number of issued and outstanding Common Shares of the Company from 4,060,663,214 Common Shares to approximately 33,838,860 Common Shares. Proportionate adjustments will be made to the Company's outstanding restricted share units and options. No fractional Common Shares will be issued pursuant to the Consolidation. Any fractional Common Share from the Consolidation will be rounded to the nearest whole number of post-Consolidation Common Shares, with any fractional interest representing 0.5 or more Common Shares entitling holders thereof to receive one whole post-Consolidation Common Share. In the event that a shareholder holds such number of pre-Consolidation Common Shares that, taking into effect the rounding of fractional Common Shares entitlements, would result in them being entitled to less than one post-Consolidation Common Share, the Consolidation will result in such holder having no post-Consolidation Common Shares. In calculating such fractional interests, all Common Shares registered in the name of each registered shareholder will be aggregated.

The Consolidation may result in some shareholders owning "odd lots" of fewer than a full board lot of Common Shares (100 shares in the case of shares trading at $1.00 or more). Odd lot Common Shares may be more difficult to sell, and brokerage commissions and other costs of transactions in odd lots may be higher than the costs of transactions in "round lots" of even multiples of a board lot.

Further details on the Consolidation are contained in the management information circular of the Company dated May 24, 2022 (the "Circular"), which has been filed and is available under the Company's profile on SEDAR at

Computershare Trust Company of Canada ("Computershare"), acting as the transfer agent for the Consolidation, has mailed a letter of transmittal to the Company's registered shareholders in respect of the Consolidation. Registered shareholders will be required to send their certificate(s) representing pre-Consolidation Common Shares of the Company, along with a properly executed letter of transmittal, to Computershare in accordance with the instructions provided in the letter of transmittal. Beneficial shareholders (i.e., non-registered shareholders) who hold their Common Shares through an intermediary such as a bank, trust company, securities dealer or broker should note that these intermediaries may have their own procedures for processing the Consolidation which may differ from those described above for registered shareholders. Non-registered shareholders who have questions should contact their intermediary for more information.

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