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Wheat Growers Assoc Laying Ground Work In Preparation For Negotiations Ahead Of Farm Bill Talks

During the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention, Gordon Stoner, president of the National Association of Wheat Growers, met with RON’s Associate Farm Director Carson Horn to bring him up to speed with the recent activities of the organization as Washington, D.C. begins to buzz with the anticipation of both a new Farm Bill and presidential administration.

“We’re thinking about the Farm Bill already,” Stoner said. “We just met in Denver last week; lots of committee discussion… what’s working in the Farm Bill, what isn’t.”

Stoner cites that according to an online Farm Bill survey being conducted by NAWG, farmers are voicing their concern regarding crop insurance programs.

“Our farmers are clearly indicating crop insurance is their number one priority,” Stoner said, “to protect it, to maintain it and assure that safety net for all of agriculture.”

Beyond that though, says Stoner, wheat growers are looking at a variety of issues. While much is still left to be discussed, Stoner feels the new administration will be good to work with. He explains that with the group of individuals President-Elect Trump has organized to serve as his ag council, he will be drawing from many years of tested experience.

“On the stump, we’ve heard very little from President-Elect Trump on ag policy,” Stoner said. “But he does have an ag council - I know half a dozen of those members individually. They’re old hands at ag policy - they understand ag. If President-Elect Trump seeks council from his ag council, I’m feeling good that we’ll see a sound ag policy developed with this administration.”

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