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OFA announces new mission

Organization says updated mission reflects long-term strategies

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

As the Ontario Federation of Agriculture prepares for its Annual General Meeting and its 81st year supporting Ontario farmers, the organization unveiled a new mission.

The new mission, Farm and Food Forever is meant to reflect OFA’s long-term strategies, including sustainable farming and increasing the interest and perception of agriculture by consumers.

“(It) will direct OFA’s strategic work over the coming years as we continue to serve our 36,000 farm business members,” Mark Wales, a director with OFA, wrote on the organization’s website.

OFA says its vision for Ontario agriculture includes science and technology, sustainably produced food and renewable products, a sense of pride among farmers, informed consumers and food that’s available to Ontarians and global markets.

In addition, OFA’s new plan identified three broader objectives to focus on when working with industry representatives and policymakers.

The objectives include:

1.     Building public trust and a sustainable farming sector.

2.    Recruiting and engaging OFA members with excellent service, benefits and member involvement opportunities.

3.    Operating an efficient, professional organization that provides a voice and achieves positive results for Ontario farmers.

“OFA is embarking on a new approach to advocating and serving Ontario farmers,” Wales wrote. “We’re proud of our longstanding history and visionary approach to agricultural leadership.”

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