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PROSeeds Corn And Soybean Yield Data Centre

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The PROSeeds Yield Data Centre helps corn and soybean growers in Ontario and Quebec to access valuable farmer test plot yield information to help them select the right hybrids and varieties for 2017.

At growers can access weight wagon and research plot yield results from the PROSeeds agronomists and dealers, collected throughout the fall. They can also connect to the provincial performance trials for corn and soybeans and see the results of interesting field scale projects contacted by various government research and grower organizations across the province. This website is a one-stop resource which makes a wealth of Ontario and Quebec corn and soybean results available at the click of a mouse. The data will be available throughout the fall, winter and into the spring of 2017.

Click the following link to see the list of Ontario Corn Test Plot Results.

Click the following link to find the list of Ontario Soybean Test Plot Results.

Click the following link to find the list of Quebec Soybean Plot Results.

Click the following link to find the list of Quebec Corn Plot Results.

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