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2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System Makes Debut

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Seed Hawk had its latest precision seeding equipment on display at Canada’s Farm Progress Show held in Langbank, SK., where growers got see the 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding System lineup.

 “We kept the grower and operator in mind when we developed this new lineup of precision seeding equipment because we know how important time, accuracy and the bottom line are for our consumers,” Peter Clarke, President and CEO of Seed Hawk said in a release.

This was the first public appearance of the equipment, and the first time for growers and dealers to see until it becomes available in spring of 2015. It’s touted to provide excellent metering accuracy and wireless blockage control. Additional features of the lineup can be viewed under the overview of key features section below.

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Overview of key features:

  1. Modular tanks
  • Growers will no longer have to guess how much product is left in the tank
  • Individual load cells confirm the amount of product that’s in the tank and will determine how many acres it will cover
  • According to Seed Hawk, its new 40 bushel tank is best for canola, granular inoculant or micronutrients
  1. Meter per section design
  • Each tank is equipped with electronic-driven meters (one per 10-foot section)
  • The meters can be directed to either the seed or fertilizer boot
  • It is made with an anti-static polymer which encourages product flow
  1. iCon control system
  • Wireless (full-seeder control) both in and outside the tractor cab
  • The added Acres to Empty feature provides updates on blockages
  1. Wireless blockage control
  • Acoustic sensors monitor openers and provide updates of blockages
  1. Sectional control technology
  • The 2016 Seeding System fleet are have Sectional Control Technology that works with GSP to lift openers and will shut down seed/fertilizer metering when seeded ground is found (reducing doubling of inputs)
  1. Precision openers
  • Openers are advertised to deliver shallow seeding (which encourages fast, uniform crop emergence)
  1. 2016 Seed Hawk Seeding system
  • Tanks are made to place seed and fertilizer in a precise manner 
  1. Tempo high-speed planter
  • Speed that goes up to 10.5 mph

Seek Hawk was acquired by Väderstad (Swedish agriculture equipment company) in 2013. Prior to the purchase, Seed Hawk had been building seeding systems since 1992. While the Seed Hawk brand is now owned by Väderstad, the company continued to have its manufacturing base in Saskatchewan. The company sells its seeding systems in Canada, the USDA, Australia and Eastern and Western Europe.


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