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2020 updates to Schulte product lines

2020 updates to Schulte product lines

Overview of cutter mowers, rock picking equipment and the VTX tillage line

Ryan Ridley

As farmers continue to work with – sometimes it feels like against – mother nature, many are looking for ways to increase efficiencies in several areas on the farm. When it comes to cutter mowers, rock picking and tillage equipment, Schulte Industries should not be overlooked.

We caught up with Glenn Brewster, USA and Canada Territory Specialist at Schulte Industries, prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We’re introducing some new changes [and improvements] to some of our products,” said Brewster.

He was eager to talk about Schulte’s cutter mowers, which are available in several models and sizes.

“We’re showcasing our cutter line here [at the event]. We have 26’, 20’, 18’ and 15’ with various models here,” he added.

Schulte’s vast product line of cutter mowers includes cutters as small as 7’ and as large as 42’ – the world’s largest rotary cutter. With a 42’ cutting width, the FX-742 cutter allows farmers to cover more ground while reducing time spent in the field and saving on fuel costs.

The FX-742 is available with stump jumpers for pasture and grass maintenance or Schulte’s fixed knife and baffle technology, allowing for mulching crop residue from corn, straw or cotton stalks, to name a few.

When it comes to rock picking and rock handling equipment, Schulte has rock pickers ranging from 2.5 to 5 cubic yard hoppers, as well as 7’ to 14’ rock windrowers and 6’ or 7’ multi rake windrowers.

Rock Pickers

  • Titan 5000 Rick Picker: five cubic yard hopper
  • RS-320 Jumbo Rock Picker: 3.2 cubic yard hoper
  • High Rise 8000 Rick Ricker: three cubic yard hopper
  • Giant 2500 Rock Picker: 2.5 cubic yard hopper

Rock Windrowers

  • SRW-1400 Rock Windrower: 14’ wide
  • SRW-1000 Rock Windrower: 10’ wide
  • SRW-800 Rock Windrower: 88” wide (7’)

Multi Rakes

  • SMR-600 Multi Rake: 73” drum width (6’)
  • SMR-800 Multi Rake: 89” drum width (7’)

Schulte also uses ground-breaking technology on its SoilStar high-speed tillage lineup.

“We are featuring the VTX [at the show], which is our newest tillage line. A lot of farmers are going to be looking at doing tillage this year,” explained Brewster.

The VTX lineup includes two models, the VTX-300 Variable Tillage with a 31’ working width and the VTX-420 Variable Tillage with a 42’ working width, which are considered an all-in-one machine for the farm.

Schulte explains on its website that “in today’s complicated and ever-changing world of agriculture there are many types of tillage on one farm much less all over the world. Types of tillage will differ from spring preparation work to fall field work, from a dry year to a wet year, and from vertical tillage to conservation tillage to primary tillage or residue management. All these types of tillage require different machines, until now.”

The company also manufactures a 60’ SoilStar disc harrow dubbed the DHX-600.



Schulte is based in Saskatchewan, Canada, and sells its products internationally.

To learn more about Schulte Industries’ portfolio of products, visit:



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