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Growing concerns with potential labor shortages on the farm


To assist the agriculture community with potential labor shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic, is offering free temporary job postings or seasonal job postings. understands that there are some growing concerns with potential labor shortages on the farm, both unskilled manual labor as well as skilled labor.  A skilled and secure workforce is vital for food production across North America during this pandemic.


The team at is aware of this and wants to help.  This is a complex issue which may include restrictions to foreign farm workers, also known as seasonal farm workers, during the pandemic which could result in farms across North America being faced with labor shortages.   


No one wants COVID-19 to hit the farm,” says Director of Business Development at Kathryn Doan.  “But if it does, it will be essential that we get skilled people on site to help milk, or prepare to plant, etc.  Timing will be critical for both animal care perspectives, as well as considering seasonal realities.”


In agriculture, the cows can’t wait until tomorrow to be milked, and there is a short window during the planting or harvest season to get the work done. 


Over the past few weeks, has been working on some alternative solutions to address some of these potential labor supply shortages. will offer free job postings for temporary or seasonal jobs that are posted on the website.  Farming operations just need to enter the code TEMPJOBSc19.


“There are lots of people who grew up on a farm and who are now currently unemployed, this should allow them to apply for these temporary positions,” says Doan.  “Some types of jobs will require specific agriculture skills, but all of these jobs are critical to ensuring the food supply remains robust, reliable and accessible throughout this health crisis.”

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Before giving EI why not compel people that are collecting to go out to the fields to work and train people how to milk cows???
Peter Carter |Mar 31 2020 7:56AM