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AGCO introduces new TerraGator C Series

AGCO introduces new TerraGator C Series

The upgrades help farmers save time and increase productivity

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An ag equipment manufacturer is introducing a new line of applicators to help farmers increase their efficiency.

AGCO is launching Challenger’s new TerraGator C Series three- and four-wheeled applicators, which will be available for the 2019 season.

The liquid systems come with 60 or 80-foot foldable booms or a straight 80-foot boom. Depending on nozzle selection, the applicators can cover about 85 feet.

The machines are also equipped with some features that allow producers to access more information.

“We’ve introduced enhanced operator controls in the cab,” Mark Mohr, tactical marketing manager for AGCO’s application division, told today. “We’ve also added a new reload station that delivers greater control and accuracy while applying liquid products.”

Upgrades to cab suspensions, visibility and the transmission also provide producers with added comfort and a good user experience, Mohr added.

AGCO has also made changes to the dry applicators in the TerraGator C Series.

The new AirMax Precision dry application system helps producers distribute product evenly and promotes longevity.

“This system helps producers attain the best rate applications and trouble-free metering,” Mohr said. “We’ve also added some corrosion-resistant coatings on oil coolers and hydraulic fittings. And more robust fan mounts will help with more years of trouble-free service and more productivity across more acres.”

The TerraGators are also built with timeliness in mind.

Producers may only have a short window to apply nutrients once they’ve planted their crops. Farmers can use the new machines to navigate tight timelines.

“We know that spring and fall application windows are getting narrower and narrower as our cropping practices change,” Mohr said. “The ability to get in the field in all sorts of conditions and get the job done is critical to having a good nutrient program.”

Producers can get a first look at the new TerraGators later this month at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo in Bloomington, Ill.

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