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Alta. Beef Producers seeking feedback

Alta. Beef Producers seeking feedback

The organization has proposed structural changes

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An Alberta ag organization wants producers to weigh in on how it will operate in the future.

Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) has published a list of regulatory review recommendations, which it does every five years.

Some of the proposed changes are designed to help the organization reduce costs and increase efficiency.

"We're looking at a more substantial change than usual," Charlie Christie, chair of ABP, told "We're trying to eliminate redundancy."

ABP’s board of directors, for example, is recommending changing its map to have five zones instead of nine. The board would be reduced from 16 members to 12, and the total number of delegates would drop from 54 to 35.

"These changes reflect the smaller number of producers in our industry," Christie said. "We recognize that we have a smaller industry and we want to make sure we get good, engaged people who want to be there."

ABP would also cancel its semi-annual meeting and have one fall meeting in each of the new zones instead of the current 20 to 25 the organization hosts.

Each meeting would be a full-day affair and be treated as a mini conference, Christie said.

"Producers would go and have half of a day of information sessions from industry members, as well as any zone-specific items that need to be taken care of," he said. "Our numbers are dwindling at our fall meetings, so we're trying to make it more attractive for people to come out once a year."

Delegates will vote on the list of proposals at the ABP annual general meeting in Calgary, Alta. next month.

If approved, the changes will be implemented by mid-2021.

Ranchers who want to comment on the proposals can call ABP directly at (403) 275-4400, contact their zone directors, or send an email to 

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Good ideas. Lets het it done!!
Richard & Dianne Andersen |Nov 15 2019 10:24PM