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Alta. commodity groups to produce Blue Book

Alta. commodity groups to produce Blue Book

Four major crop commissions are taking over the Crop Protection Guide

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Four commodity groups in Alberta will produce the Crop Protection Guide, also known as the Blue Book, in 2021.

This change comes after Alberta Agriculture and Forestry decided to stop publishing the book, said Don Shepert. He is the chair of Alberta Pulse Growers, one of the organizations producing the resource.

“It's still a very desired book,” he told The commodity groups “didn't want to see it die. (We had) an opportunity to take it over and run with it.”

Alberta Canola and the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are also involved with the project.

“I think it’s a good thing for commissions to get together, use our money wisely and continue to do things that help our growers,” said Shepert.

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are spearheading the development of the resource. The groups are also collaborating with a consultant who previously worked on the book, said Shepert.

The book provides farmers with up-to-date information on crop protection programs.

“Our pesticide (and herbicide) information has to be spot on or else we make mistakes and some of those mistakes cost us a lot,” said Shepert. “And going with anecdotal information is always a recipe for disaster. So, being able to document these … recommended rates and tank mixes ... is very important. It saves us money in the long run.”

Funding for this project partially comes from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Producers can access their print or digital copies of the 2021 Blue Book in March 2021.

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