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BFO raises checkoff by $1.50

BFO raises checkoff by $1.50

The organization will now collect $5.50 per head

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) delegates recently voted in favour of a significant change to their checkoff dollars.

During the organization’s annual general meeting last week, BFO members voted 87 per cent in support of increasing their checkoff by $1.50/head sold. The change will bring the non-refundable amount to $5.50/head sold, up from $4.00/head.

Voters narrowly rejected the same idea at last year’s annual general meeting.

Of the $1.50, BFO will invest 25 cents per head back into the organization to support producer and engagement activities.

The remaining $1.25 will support a new project between the BFO and another cattle group, said Joe Hill, BFO’s president.

“The largest percentage will fund a marketing committee that we are operating in partnership with the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association,” Hill told “The plan is to really ramp up the promotion and consumer awareness of Ontario beef brands. Not just Ontario beef generically, but a number of privately owned brands that feature Ontario beef that allow us to service different segments of the market.”

The committee will promote Ontario beef domestically and internationally.

But producers shouldn’t expect the checkoff to come into effect any time soon.

As the investment amount is found within the Beef Cattle Marketing Act, the provincial government will have to pass the updated law before the checkoff update will come into effect.

“It will be a couple of months before producers will see it,” Hill said. The checkoff increase “has to go through the provincial cabinet, and I think the last increase we did took about 10 months to go through. I’d expect a similar timeframe this time around as well.”

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$5.50 a head now huh and next year it will be $6.00 a head, more and more expense to we farmers and more and more costs for we consumers when will it stop??? Just another charge that goes into fat cats pockets
Ron Steffler |Mar 5 2019 8:22AM